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Snuffle Toys Set Vegetable-Shape Interactive Toy and Treat Puzzle

Snuffle Toys Set Vegetable-Shape Interactive Toy and Treat Puzzle

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The  Snuffle Toys Set offers a delightful combination of interactive toys for dogs and treat puzzles for cats. The vegetable-shaped designs add visual appeal, while the enrichment multi-style ensures both feline and canine pets experience mental stimulation and natural foraging behaviour. This indoor activity is perfect for keeping your pets engaged and entertained.

The toy set may be made from pet-safe and durable materials suitable for both felines and canines. Common materials include fabric, soft plastics, and other non-toxic components.

Vegetable-shaped interactive toys, possibly resembling different vegetables for added visual appeal.

Treat Puzzle:
The puzzle component may feature compartments or pockets where treats can be hidden. Pets need to figure out how to access the treats, promoting mental stimulation.

The size of the individual toys within the set may vary, catering to different pet sizes.

Some snuffle toys are designed to be easily washable to maintain cleanliness.

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